Professional auto wash for cars and trucks

Specialist auto wash in Rockhampton.

Quick, thorough (inside/outside), polish, cost effective, environmentally friendly.

Don’t waste your weekend washing your car or truck. Come to Prestige Detailing, for a quick auto wash in Rockhampton and we will see you back on the road in no time. Our thorough hand washes will make sure that your car gets the clean it deserves, on the inside and the outside.  All our washes are environmentally friendly and won’t damage your car.    

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Prestige Detailing in Rockhampton will ensure your car receives a professional auto wash and clean.  With a wide variety of washes available, our quick, environmentally friendly systems will see your vehicle spotless, inside and out.


·         Our washes are environmentally friendly.

·         We can give your vehicle a thorough clean inside and out.

·         Our large selection of washes are tailored to what you need.

·         We use professional equipment that won’t damage your car.

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Prestige Detailing for a premier auto wash in [LOCATION]


Our state of the art equipment not only gives your vehicle a fast, professional clean, but is friendly to your vehicles paintwork and the environment.