Your local car and truck wash in Rockhampton

Visit Prestige Detailing for a professional car and truck wash in Rockhampton

Ensure your car gets the clean it deserves at Prestige Detailing. Our environmentally friendly car and truck wash will see your vehicle sparkle in no time at all.

Environmentally friendly washes

Using recycled water and environmentally friendly cleaning products ensures your wash doesn’t harm mother nature.

Internal and external car cleaning

Prestige Detailing is able to give the inside of your vehicle just as much professional attention as the outside with our professional car and truck wash specialists.

Wide selection of washes

Detailing, wax and polish, auto wash, hand wash, vacuuming, leather cleaning, stain removal are some of the many options you can use to make sure your vehicle gets the clean it needs.

Professional equipment

With our state of the art equipment Prestige Detailing will be able to give your vehicle a quick, thorough clean without damaging your paintwork. Your car or truck wash will make your vehicle shine like new. Pay us a visit to see proof of the best car and truck wash in Rockhampton.

Car going through a car wash